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We’re on the Mission to Deliver the Finest Residential Cleaning Solutions

Don’t have time to clean your home? Brenes Cleaning Service has your back. Our commercial and residential cleaning in Lincolnton, NC is starting to make a name. Be part of our journey. All you got to do is sit back and watch us gently remove the contaminants and bacteria in your home. Exceeding expectations while cleaning is what we do.

Amazing Cleaning Solutions Await You

House Cleaning

House Cleaning
After a stressful day at work, come back home with your bathroom, kitchen, and living quarters completely clean. We'll sanitize the flooring and even the unexposed areas. We'll organize things with our maid service. Your privacy is always safe with us. Our tools have noise reduction too.

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning
Present your office to guests, employees, and other important stakeholders with more confidence using our cleaning service. We'll clean every area, from your interior windows, glass doors, and flooring. If you're interested in becoming a regular customer, we can design a program just for you. We love to hear your thought about our cleaning cost.

New House Deep Cleaning

New House Deep Cleaning
Get rid of the traces of your new house construction. We'll remove debris. We'll clean from the top of the fixture to the bottom. No dust can escape our expert eyes and cutting-edge tools. We'll make sure that the space is ready for air condition. Contact us today to know the coverage of our cleaning service.

Post Renovation Cleaning

Post Renovation Cleaning
Did you just finish renovating your home? Before you officially use the area, contact us. Aside from the aesthetic and experience, we'll never let you feel that you've gone through a renovation. We'll do our best so that you won't feel the piercing smell of the newly painted interior. We'll remove any impurities stuck in your home.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning
We can also provide cleaning services for any kind of commercial establishments. We're able to assign different team members to specific areas of the commercial space so that we can keep them clean throughout business hours. We're well-equipped with the right cleaning tools to clean all kinds of surfaces.

Interior Window Cleaning

Interior Window Cleaning
We clean all types of windows, including glasses. We're using special materials in order not to scratch them. As long as they're inside, we don't mind the height, size, and location. We'll gently perform the task so that old parts won't get damaged. We don't clean windows that are on the verge of breaking but assure that we'll check the site first before refusing.

Commercial Deep Cleaning

Commercial Deep Cleaning
For a complete and thorough clean of your commercial space, our commercial deep cleaning service is the one to book. We make use of specialized cleaning equipment to conduct a deep cleaning of each and every surface found in your commercial space. The entire place will be spotless by the time we're finished.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning
We're also well-equipped to clean properties and establishments used for industrial purposes. Regardless of the size of the building, we have the resources to completely clean the place out. We're also equipped with effective tools that will be able to clean regular surfaces as well as surfaces that are typically found in industrial spaces.

Know Our Basic Cleaning Process

Residential Cleaning in Lincolnton, NC!

To enjoy our office or home cleaning service, all you got to do is call. We’ll come on time and won’t waste to examine your building’s cleaning needs. We’ll pick the best cleaning tools and products for every type of structural components. Our methods were carefully designed to avoid cross-contamination. We’ll clean following the safety protocols. Once we’re done, we’ll hear your opinions or even give you updates when you’re not around. We don’t mind redoing our work if you’re not satisfied with our performance. That’s how confident we are.

Healthy Reasons to Turn to Professional Cleaners

Quality Maid Service in Lincolnton, NC!

Life is short. You might have heard of this a lot of time, but are you taking it seriously? Don’t take all the burdens and responsibilities by yourself since you only live once. Call Brenes Cleaning Service if you need help in cleaning. We’ll not only preserve your home and minimize your repair expenses. We’ll make sure that every surface, starting from your doorknob to your toilet bowls, is free from any dangerous bacteria with our maid service.

Don’t push yourself too hard if you’re suffering from depression or arachnophobia. We love to remind you that cleaning isn’t just all about hard work. It requires knowledge, bravery, and a sound mind. You have your specialty, and if you think cleaning isn’t one of them, we’re always here to offer you quality house cleaning services.

Enjoy our home cleaning services in Lincolnton, NC today. Brenes Cleaning Service will ensure that you’ll only get the best.

We Serve Many Areas

For Reliable House Cleaning Services in Lincolnton, NC, contact Brenes Cleaning Service!

To reach more customers, we decided to expand our area of operations. As of the moment, we offer commercial and residential cleaning in the following areas. Find out if your city is included before giving us a call.

  • High Shoals, NC
  • Catawba Springs Township, NC
  • Ironton Township, NC
  • Crowders Mountain Township, NC
  • Cherryville, NC
  • Lincolnton, NC
  • Iron Station, NC
  • Denver, NC
  • Huntersville, NC
  • Davidson, NC

No matter where you are in Lincolnton, NC, we’ll come to you fast to serve you with utmost excellence. We’ve memorized the map. Our vehicles are custom to carry all types of cleaning tools so you don’t need to worry about us bringing the wrong items for house cleaning services. In case we run out of supplies while serving houses, we know whom to call in the local areas.

Call (980) 217-4147 and Reach Home Cleaning in Lincolnton, NC!

We made a number of preparations to ensure that we’ll be able to deliver the maid service without delays. We have a number of teams, and one is assigned for organizing the details for the cleaning so there’s no way we’ll miss your house or office. We’ll even send you a message before our visit. You may reply with your instructions, specifically if your landlord is strict with the parking lot rules. As long as they’re feasible and within our scope of expertise, we’ll be happy to honor them.

If you are looking for Expert Home Cleaning Services, call (980) 217-4147!

Affordable Maid Service
Superb Maid Service

Client’s Testimonial

I would like to thank this company for giving me a good maid service. I hope you'll never change because I can't imagine switching to another cleaning company in the future. I love the professionalism of your cleaner.

David Brown
David Brown
I was hesitant to hire a residential cleaning company at first, but I'm so glad I did. This business exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be using them again in the future.
Lays Vitoria Souza De Farias
Lays Vitoria Souza De Farias
I was impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail of this residential cleaning service. They left my home sparkling clean and smelling fresh!
Murilo Fernando
Murilo Fernando
I had the pleasure of having my home cleaned by Residential Cleaning and I have to say they did an amazing job. They arrived on time, were very friendly and professional, and did a fantastic job getting my home spotless. I'm certainly recommending them to anyone looking for residential cleaning services.
Joyce Tomlinson
Joyce Tomlinson
I have used Residential Cleaning multiple times and have always been completely satisfied with the end results. They are reliable and do a great job of making sure my home is spotless. Highly recommend!
Melissa Destiny
Melissa Destiny
used This residential cleaning service and am so glad I did! The team was prompt and professional and did a great job of getting my house looking spotless. They paid attention to small details and took the time to make sure all of the surfaces were sparkling. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a good residential cleaning service.
Iman Hassan
Iman Hassan
I recently used Brenes Cleaning Service for a residential cleaning and was very pleased with the results. The team was professional, efficient, and the attention to detail was outstanding. My home was left spotless and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Brenes Cleaning Service for any residential cleaning needs.
Rhiane Pereira
Rhiane Pereira
They did a fantastic job on my Residentials. Everything looks spotless and I can tell they paid close attention to detail. Highly recommend them forResidential Cleaning

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